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Look market demand determine the future of 3D printing
PublisherHuizhou Shengguan  Release Date2014-11-04 16:59:04  Views

3D printing is to be in fashion in one's time science and technology fields topic. "Third industrial revolution" author Jeremy Rifkin said, digital manufacturing technology with 3D printing technology as the representative, is a key factor in triggering the third industrial revolution. However, more than a year down, some of the 3D hit the manufacturers that sell more than expected, consumers do not seem to buy it, and then suspect that 3D print Is it right? Exaggerated. Even once called 3D to play the history like spinning Jeanne more ZDNet news writer Tom F Morse Ki also believe that, in the foreseeable future, 3D printing technology fear will not produce subversive impact on today's world.

Only a year or a few months commercial digital, is not accurate enough to judge a new technology leads to change potential. From look on the whole, 3D technology is still in the initiation, development stage, will immediately see the obvious commercial effect, do not be too realistic. When investment when effective, it must be called in any sense of the "industrial revolution".

In a very long time in the past, 3D print in the media exposure and the actual size of the market is out of proportion to the. In fact, Rifkin me about 3D print statement, there are amplified by the media too. When talking about the "third industrial revolution", the words were: the combination of Internet and new energy, will create a new round of industrial revolution. In the new energy, the row in the 3D before printing, a solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy and other industries, which are better than those of 3D print large scale; in the Internet related technology, row in the 3D print before the mobiles Internet, knowledge work automation, Internet of things, cloud, advanced machine, automatic car eight, any industry market potential is large than 3D print. The global well-known management consulting company McKinsey predicts, to 2025, the mobiles Internet market is ranked the first potential is 3.7 trillion to $10.8, ranked ninth in the 3D print is 0.2 trillion to $0.6. The 3D printing technology is equivalent to the "third industrial revolution", seems more like an illusion media know.

To be sure, difficult to measure effects of 3D technology on the future development of the printing industry. Only in the case of China market, is expected within the next 3 years, the market share will be from 1000000000 yuan to tens of billions of. This is only 3D for the industry itself valuations, which does not include the additional service value. For example, the use of 3D bio printer to print out organs such as the heart and liver, organ transplantation continues to make life, value added which is difficult to be measured in terms of money. In addition, 3D print by "adding manufacturing mode (i.e. using layer by layer increasing material mode of production of various products), does not produce waste, therefore, the raw materials required for the traditional mode of production is only 10%, the energy consumption is lower than that of the traditional way. This special mode of production to reduce costs at the same time, is likely to change people's employment and entrepreneurship, which gave birth to the home office, personalized customization.

At present, the particularity and the price of 3D printing technology limited material expensive, far can not replace the traditional manufacturing industry. Of course, the development of a new technology and mature, needs a relatively long process. For 3D printing technology emerging, people don't expect overnight miracle. As for whether it has deep influence on the human life and production, the market also needs to have the final say. (Editor: printing industry)

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