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Domestic pollution is worsening need to accelerate the development of green printing
PublisherHuizhou Shengguan  Release Date2014-11-04 16:38:56  Views

Beginning last year, Chinese basic knowledge of a new term -- "haze". Such as fog but not the height of fog pollution weather through more than half of China provinces in 2013 December, national leaders have stressed the determination and the necessity of strengthening pollution control at the State Council meeting. If you examine the Ministry of Environmental Protection released "2013 Chinese state of the Environment Bulletin", you'll find out pollution control China has reached a stage of great order brook no delay.

The development of traditional printing industry China has more than one thousand years, now the modern printing classification is wide, from books and periodicals printing to the packaging and printing and so on are always together, in recent years even by some people deliberately playing on the backward production capacity and high pollution industry label! Although some words too real, but it also reminds the printing industry, especially the industry of packaging and printing, to accelerate the development of the road to the green.

Speaking of green printing concept pushed in recent years hot, each printing enterprises want to want to own affixed with a green label, but in the actual production process is not good. Green printing is a systematic project, through the implementation, can make the included materials, processing, application and the consumers of the whole supply chain system, enter benign loop, its greatest significance lies in the process of enterprise management concept to get promotion. At present, green printing has become a new way of printing is very popular in the developed countries in Europe and america. As early as twentieth Century in the late 80's, green printing appeared in the United States, Germany and other countries. After 30 years, green printing is not only reflect the level of technological development, to replace the traditional printing mode is also cause environmental pollution and high energy consumption.

China now has more than 370 printing enterprises through green certification, the use of green printing books also covered over 20% of the press. But for a printing about 950000000000 yuan output value of the country, it is far from enough. Domestic printing industry pollution is in fact is not outstanding, but in the flexo printing will be in the production process emissions of VOC, mainly because of the production process backward, cause must use solvent, solvent based inks of volatile over thirteen percent points in the production process, will cause the volatile organic pollution, water ink is currently developing it is the best way to solve this problem.

The domestic green printing development so far, speed is not fast, the market most of the printing factories still use the original printing and raw materials, speaking of main obstacles or because the green printing cost is too expensive, and can not bring obvious economic benefits of most enterprises, and the majority of printing enterprises to carry out green printing is also under the Ministry of environmental protection requirements. At present, the state for the development of green printing supporting policies have to be strengthened and perfected, but enterprises also need to consider from long-term development, not because of some temporary benefits and give up the green printing Road, environmental protection as a major subject of national, in environmental pollution nowadays in severe cases, the speed of development of green printing must be accelerated, green printing path will more walk more wide, will become the main theme of the future of printing industry. (Editor: printing industry)

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