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How to Arrange printing color sequence
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An important function of printing is the art of copy, with art appreciation which would need to be printed worker performance and ability to grasp the color change. Improper color sequences could lead to print color cast, mixed color and inverse color faults; the color sequence arrangement of science, will make the printing color closer to the manuscript, and even to strengthen a certain color atmosphere, so that the level of clear, mesh point clear, overprint accurate, real, natural, color coordination.

Lead to the color sequence need to arrange for three reasons: ink overprint reasons influence each other and the defects of the ink pigment, paper quality, the ability to identify the human eye to color. One of the most fundamental reason is that printing ink itself is not fully transparent, that is, the ink itself hiding power. After printing ink on the printing ink layer has a first cover role, resulting in the printed color displayed always focusing on performance after a color, or is the blending color emphasis on the color and the color of the front.

The choice of the starting point of the color sequence, is according to the specific circumstances of the manuscript, combined with the current process conditions, to take care of the main aspects (such as tone reproduction, color reproduction, graphic clarity, the uniformity of the printing and printing repetition rate etc.), flexible arrangements for the color sequence.

There are the following arrangements for the color sequence principle:

1 according to the original content and characteristics of color sequences. Printing is a means of expression, graphic design and layout, emotional components of all colors which reflects the different. Therefore, the color sequence arrangement must first consider the content and features of the quadrochromatic. Editing in the design of graphic layout, often have the choice of a good page color tone. The overall feeling of this tone is to represent the whole tone, be the printing of color. From the color, with red, orange, yellow Berezovsky tune called warm colors; green, blue for the tone of the called cold tone. Because the ink has hiding power, generally taking in jump first printed black, green, after Yin Pinhong, Huang; to cold based first India magenta, cyan and India after the. Everyone hopes the ripe melon stuffed are red, not willing to see print that assume the form of partial purple, partial green. Different colors, color effect is different. Therefore, the screen color atmosphere of the need to strengthen the color, can be put in the last color printing.

2 consider the nature paper color sequences. The poor quality of the paper, considering its whiteness, low fiber loose, smoothness, ink absorption, easy linting, can first print yellow ink rendering, to make up for the defect of the paper. At night when printing, due to identify force causes the human eye, lightness, low color ink should not be arranged in the same printing. Ink brightness order: white < < < < orange yellow green green blue violet red < < <.

3 according to the ink transparency color sequences. Transparency good ink, and white overlapped prepress, light below the ink layer can penetrate the ink layer above, achieve better subtractive color mixing, show a new color correct. If the yellow ink is transparent yellow ink transparency, four kinds of order: Yellow > magenta > Pteroceltis > black. Generally speaking, the transparency of the poor envirogluvtm jump, transparency good ink after printing.

From 4 to to overprint color sequences. Due to the paper deformation defect expansion exists objectively, we can get the main color overprint requires relatively high printing arrangements for printing in two adjacent color group. Such as two-color machine, can be arranged to complete in a printed the same unit, avoid because of problems caused by the presence of paper paper expansion etc.. A large area of the site, you can schedule after printing, avoid to produce a problem get dirty in the paper transfer process. In addition, monochrome machine in the same "dry" after second overprint colors and multi-color machine is a process of "wet", so we should control the ink viscosity and the amount of ink. Arrange printing ink viscosity of the first printing, small viscosity ink after printing, this is very important, otherwise it will cause disadvantages inverse overprint.

5 consider the platemaking process factors. When printed next to each color group of the angle of the wire by at least 30 degrees, beneficial to prevent color deviation and moire ills.

6 according to the order cost consider color. Cheap black and blue ink jump, the high price after the magenta and yellow inks.

As the leading general large landscape picture (cold tone), with black, magenta, cyan, yellow is the color sequence. Arrangements for black jump, black for drawing contour, for the rest of the colored overprinter. Transparent yellow last printed, can be used to adjust the brightness of the image, the formation of shiny, bright colors. General to the character driven pictures (warm), the use of black, cyan, magenta, yellow sequence. The first printing ink transparency of the poor, does not cover other colors. Magenta, Huang Houyin, gives facial ruddy, rich colors, vivid effect.

Color printing, is a combination of technology and art. When we arrange printing color sequence, appropriate to consider from the point of view of art, can make the printing more artistic appeal, meeting the needs of readers.

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