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Transparent ink cleverly solved the problem of tracking overprint
PublisherHuizhou Shengguan  Release Date2014-11-04 17:25:27  Views

In recent years, to meet the people's aesthetic standards, flexible packaging industry has been constantly exploring process or material, to the pursuit of unique visual effects, application transparent ink is popularized gradually in this trend. However, in the use of transparent ink, have a headache problem has been plaguing the industry, namely, transparent ink overprint is difficult, the tracking precision is low, especially in the prone to tensile deformation of printer materials (such as PE, PA etc. on the substrate) for printing, printing material is thin, tracking the overprint the greater the degree of difficulty, let alone in the use of transparent ink for printing the overprinter error control in the + 0.3mm, it is more difficult to achieve.

Transparent ink why there will be tracking overprinter problem? As everyone knows, in the flexible packaging gravure printing production tracking overprint is color ink emitted visible light through a mirror reflection to the electric eye tracking, tracking eye received tracking signal so as to achieve the effective tracking of overprinter. However, in order to ensure the transparency transparent ink overprint, tracking signal usually will be weakened, or even no signal.

In response, some packaging printing enterprises to adopt the method of adding a small amount of white ink on transparent ink, in order to enhance the tracking signal. But the practice proof, this approach will make transparent ink has a weak white, and then influence the final prints visual effect.

The author in the transparent ink overprint on tracking and explored a set of ingenious solutions to specific approach is: add the right amount of transparent colorless fluorescent ink in ink, which can emit a trace wavelength signal electric eye can recognize, so as to strengthen the tracking signal, to achieve the purpose of tracking printing. Practice has proved that the tracking signal strength transparent ink enhanced obviously after adding colorless fluorescent ink. More importantly, after the addition of colorless fluorescent ink, in the long wave ultraviolet irradiation, no visible light transparent ink capable of emitting wavelength of 365nm, not only for the maintenance of transparency transparent ink, but also improve the effect of security printing to a certain extent, it can kill. At present, this measure has been successfully applied in the actual production.

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