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Huizhou Shengguan printing blanket cylinder repair tips
PublisherHuizhou Shengguan  Release Date2014-11-04 17:23:38  Views

Not the disintegration repair technology of printing cylinder:

According to the printing machine roller of high precision, easy disassembly, corrosion, wear and other practical characteristics of R & D out of a cylinder of a printing machine repair technology, this technology can be in the printing machine roller not disintegration repair under the condition of complete repair of the both ends of the roller, the bite, shoot the corrosion, wear and roll tube slightly hurt foreign body.

The special point of the process of outburst:

Without removing need repair, no heating, no deformation, no external force, the original accuracy constant.

Repair all material is nickel base exclusive research and development of new materials, corrosion resistance, wear resistance is much higher than that of raw materials, so that the repair after the roller service life higher than the new.

Repair cycle is short, and may at any time terminate the repair work, grab the Indian emergency orders.

Such as: drum, bite, shoot, ink roll, plate, bar, open hole tooth row tooth plate, cam, splint, tooth plate core shaft, guide and other mechanical parts wear, compression injury, corrosion.

The range of mechanical parts repair:

A variety of imports, domestic high precision mould, crankshaft, rolling, the tile seat, a cylinder of a printing machine, piston, cylinder, oil pump, hydraulic motor, cylinder liner, chrome plated bar, gear rotor bearing, bearing a keyway, all all kinds of different material, different shapes and mechanical parts of the broken, cracked, scratches, wear, sealing, sealing. Flange, pipe, valves and other no parking zone pressure sealing, sealing.

The process characteristics of machinery:

Always in the state of normal temperature during the repair of the mechanical parts, not deformation, not to produce the internal stress, annealing, softening phenomenon; the potential impact of no broken, cracked.

Don't fall off, no hard points, combined with high strength

The mechanical performance and repair, through the selection of the same material can meet the requirements of different performance technology, mechanical parts after repair in hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance can be more than a new piece.

The prominent characteristic of the process:

Printing machine cylinder in the repair process without disassembly, no heat, no deformation, no external force, the original machine printing precision constant. The repairing materials for metal repairing exclusive research material, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and raw material durable.

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